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Your car hire insurance

All you need to know about car hire insurance

Fancy hiring a car for your holiday but you don’t feel particularly interested in the small print? Let us make it easier for you. Here is a short guide to car hire insurance policies. Auto Europe as a car hire broker offers you car rental from various local companies and therefore the insurance polices may differ. Here is what you should pay attention to.

All you need is: Public liability, Car Damage Waiver and Theft Protection.

Public liability

This insurance covers all damages outside the hired vehicle. This insurance is included in all Auto Europe car hire offers.

Car Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW limits potential vehicle damage liability to an excess of specified amount. Let’s say your CDW excess it 500 Euros – you are responsible for damages on the car up to 500 Euros – all higher costs are covered by the insurance. Checking the excess amount is therefore quite important. In most cases, you can buy it off locally at a car hire desk.

Theft protection (TP)

TP limits potential vehicle loss liability to an excess of a specified amount in a given hire offer – it follows the same insurance concept as the CDW.

Important to note is that not all car parts are covered by insurance, usually these are excluded: windows, wheels, tyres, roof, underside & interior of a vehicle, towing charges or damage caused negligently. If you wish, you may purchase additional coverage locally for those car parts not included in a basic insurance.

Auto Europe offers ‘fully refundable excess‘ service – an option where you obtain, under specified conditions, the excess back, should there be any damages to your car. Conditions may be viewed under: ‘Fully refundable excess’ on each car hire offer that includes this service.

If you feel unsure about which insurance option to choose for your car hire in Italy – call our toll free number for assistance and insurance advise for any destination!

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