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Winter car care

Winter in Ireland is not necessarily associated with snow. However, if you plan to travel to the countries affected by heavy snowfalls, you may want to give some thought to what it is like to drive in winter conditions. Do you know what special care the vehicle needs when the temperature gets well below zero?

We dress warm and put on an additional top, when the weather outside plays the winter game. What about the car? If you hire a car in one of the ski destination countries like Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you may need to consider how to act when the car runs out of fluids.

You will notice that during a drive under heavy snowfall, you will need to wipe the windshield quite a lot. You may easily run out of windshield washer, especially if you are going to drive long distances. When buying windshield washer, be sure to buy one appropriate for negative temperatures. Otherwise, the standard fluid will freeze, you will not be able to use it, see through the front window and drive safely. It is very rare for a car to run out of radiator coolant but, if it happens, here is something worth knowing: there are also anti-freeze ones.

Driving on slippery roads requires constant attention. It is very easy to skid while taking turns, so slow down before you start to maneuver. Stopping on a red light may also not be that easy. Slowing down by changing to a lower gear minimizes the likelihood of skidding. Keep a safe distance between the car in front of you, so that you have enough time to react when something unexpected happens. Don’t brake suddenly, as the drivers behind you may need more time to stop. In general: drive slowly!

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