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Where in Greece?

Where in Greece? - Car hire in Greece with Auto Europe

I will start by saying I have tried most holiday destinations in Europe. Our family have built many a sand castle along the Costa del Sol shoreline and slid down the slides of the waterparks in Florida! This year I have put my mother foot firmly down and decided on a Greek adventure, the only problem I now face is where in Greece? Do we stay on the mainland or soak up the sun on one of the islands?

Looking at Athens, it’s the place to go for tales of Greek mythology. If we were to pick up a Greece car hire straight from Athens we could visit the Acropolis plus the famous Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. Athens is also packed full of museums that even the kids will find interesting!

Where in Greece? - Car hire in Kefalonia with Auto Europe

Another option is to stay on one of the islands. Kefalonia, which belongs to the Ionian group, is a gorgeous island that was the set of one of my favourite books, which was later made into a film: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. In the north of the island, the coastline can be rocky, with small pebble beaches; whereas in the south, you can relax on pristine sandy beaches. The roads on the island are also quite good, making it easy to get around with your Kefalonia car hire.
Where in Greece? - Car hire in Santorini with Auto Europe

Santorini is another great island, with white washed iconic houses perched on cliff tops. The landscape is comprised of a stunning countryside that is dotted with vineyards, an active volcano and fantastic beaches. Corfu is also an island that I have heard is great for kids and has some great beaches for water sports.

To be very honest the choice is endless and I really cannot decide, if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way!

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