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Watching Whales in New Zealand

Car Hire New ZealandEver wanted to meet whales in their own world? Here is your chance. Travel to New Zealand and enjoy one of the most popular wildlife activities! The best destination is Kaikoura, on the east coast of South Island. You can pick up a car hire in Christchurch and head off to this town. You can also expect to see plenty of dolphins frolicking in these waters. In this region, the continental shelf drops quickly into a number of extremely deep underwater canyons. A warm current from the north meets a colder one from the south. This makes nutrients from deep within the ocean to be carried upward, a wonder that helps to hold all types of marine life from plankton and krill to dolphins and whales.

There are different Whale Watch tours but the Giant Sperm Whales (the largest of the toothed whales) are the stars of the show. A typical Whale Watch tour includes New Zealand Fur Seals, pods of Dusky dolphins and the endangered Wandering Albatross. Depending on the season you may also see migrating Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, Blue Whales and Southern Right Whales.

For those who want to enjoy whale watching in New Zealand on the North Island, there are a few places where you can go. Pick up your car hire in Auckland and head to Hauraki Gulf where you will find one of the world’s most diverse and unique marine parks, with almost two dozen different species of whales and dolphins. The chance to view whales and swim with dolphins at Hauraki Gulf is one of those travel memories you’ll certainly won’t forget.

Good luck in your new adventure!

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