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Visit the Suburbs of Sydney

Visit the Suburbs of Sydney

Keeping in-line with our Olympic theme, that seems to have blossomed this week, let’s take a look at a city that has held the games in the year 2000: Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t make it to Sydney until 2004 and just had to be content with watching the games on the TV, but when I arrived in the land of Kangaroos and Vegemite it was clear that the city had made huge improvements to accommodate the games. For one, all of the stadiums were in top class condition and one of the main roads, that runs from the city centre out to the Eastern Suburbs – Anzac Parade – still had the blue lines on which the cyclists kept to!

We all know and love the beaches of Sydney and the iconic buildings that feature on most postcards, but what about the suburbs that surround the city? Suburbs that, as a tourist, you may miss! Well, lucky for you guys, I can share my experience of those suburbs and give you a little helpful advice on where you travel to in your car hire in Sydney!

Visit the Suburbs of Sydney

In the Eastern Suburbs you have Newtown, a great place for those who like the traditional pub scene and a great selection of places to eat. By day there isn’t much happening, but at night you can catch a show at the Enmore Theatre and then head for one of the close by bars. Moore Park is where you will find a gorgeous green oasis: Centennial Park. The park has large ponds where you will find lots of different species of wildlife. An afternoon lazing on the grass and you will forget all about the city skyscrapers, in the not too far distance. For the best beach, that is not over-run with tourists, then head for Maroubra. It’s a great surfing beach!( photo 1, which I took! )

Head across the Harbour Bridge and you have Mosman with its beautiful bay area and well-kept traditional buildings. Lavender Bay sits on the water’s edge and has amazing views of the city, however the area is mainly residential. Still worth a trip, just for the view! Dee Why has a great beach and is a good alternative to the tourist beach of Manly. Drive your Sydney car hire further up the coastline so you can relax on Palm Beach, where they film Summer Bay. I personally recommend the quieter sands at Whale Beach.

Now, of course my favourites may be completely different from yours and that’s why booking a car hire in Australia is such a great idea: without one, you would never get the chance to find out!

Have you any places to recommend to our readers?

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