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Stand up London

Travel to London and laugh your socks off

London is a city that offers an endless variety of attractions. In London you will find great shopping opportunities, bubbeling nightlife and high cuisine along with tourist attractions like Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, The Royal Castle and much more. After a long day visiting the biggest attraction of London it might be nice to wind down in a comedy club. These clubs also gives you the best of UK culture. Below you will find a list of five good comedy clubs in London.

The Comedy Store

This is one of the worlds biggest comedy clubs. It is situated in Piccadilly Circus and here you will find the most famous and greatest comedians preforming. This is reflected in the admission fee which is quite expensive. The place has a touristy and commercial feel to it. Plan your visit and pick a date to catch your favourite comedian on stage.
Address: 1a Oxendon Street

Soho Comedy Club

Close to The Comedy Store you will find its smaller neighbor. Here you will get a more informal feel and the comedians are less famous. The entrance is also much cheaper.
Address: 7 Oxendon Street

Up The Creek

This club is situated in southeast London and is the place where the more experienced comedians are testing their new acts and jokes. Also first timers get their chance on the stage. Their “New Material Nights” on Sundays are recommended and are also cheper.
302 Creek Road, Greenwich

The Paradise

A visit to this stand up club is worth a 30 minute ride on the tube. The stand ups are held in a room that takes approx. 70 people. The style creates a more personal feel and
the laughs are everywhere.
Address: 19 Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green

TNT Comedy

In a small basement in Kentish Town somewhat 10 rookies are gathered to try out their acts for an audience of maximum 40 people. You will understand when you see the small space… The show is for free and here you will not find any tourists. But the quality of the stand up can not be guaranteed…
Address: 71–73 Torriano Avenue

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