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The Colosseum in Rome - Car hire in Italy with Auto Europe

Ready for another instalment of Richard’s Travels through la Bell’Italia? Oh, I had promised more, hadn’t I? I’ve been there a few, memorable times, so memories are very fresh in my mind, still.

Like the morning I woke up in Rome and had dreamt all night about centurions and gladiators, so I decided I must had had too much of the city and needed to spend some time in the surroundings.

When you think about going to one of these cities you don’t expect ever having the need to escape the actual city, but I’m not your usual traveller, you know? I like to discover the hidden gems that usually surround the beaten paths. That’s when my car hire in Italy came in handy, because other than touring the city itself, it allowed me to have a break from the chaotic and crowded Rome.

The Lazio region where Rome is located is fertile in scenic routes and history-infused locations to explore. I stumbled upon taking my car hire in Rome to the almost legendary Via Appia and drove all the way to the fantastic Castelli Romani. I was by myself at the time, but I could only imagine that as a great timeout for the family.

Frascati Region - Car hire in Rome with Auto Europe

Situated at the feet of the Alban Hills with the lush green of those landscapes, the peaceful environment, the great food and… wine. I’m not usually too fond of white wine, unless it’s really good. And that was the case there: I had my chance of trying the typical Laziale pizzas – thin and crusty – better than any I’d tasted in the capital itself and a very nice fellow that helped me choose the best place to try those offered to take me to a tasting of the absolutely delightful Frascati, which I’d shunned until then. After that, I realised the mistake I had been doing all those years. And that’s all I’m saying.

These little adventures through the “forgotten” Italy are always my favourite. The region where I still have longtime friends of mine is still Lombardia, and Milan has long been a very welcoming city to me. Whenever I go back, I could just stay within the city and use its very well organized public transportation system, but I end up booking a car hire in Milan just because it gives me the chance to revisit one of my favourite places in the world, the way I did the first time I went there.

Lake Como - Car hire in Milan with Auto Europe

An incredible sunset, with the Sun kissing the waters of Lake Como is one of those very fond memories that still make me shiver. I repeat whenever I can, and I can’t wait until the next time I’m there. Which I promise to write about around here!

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