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Whether you are going for a short trip to Portugal, or staying longer in New Zealand, it is worth paying attention to your financial safety. Do you know how to act if you find yourself in a foreign country without cash? Precaution is your best safety measure so that you can sunbathe on the beach and don’t have a care in the world.

Credit card
Check if your credit card is accepted in the country you are travelling to. Most of the bank cards belong to an international system, however, it is always better to check this information upfront than being welcomed by an unhappy surprise. Car hire companies accept only certain brands of credit cards, make sure you have the correct one with you, as you may be denied your booked vehicle.

Debit card
Verify the commission you need to pay to withdraw cash from ATM machines abroad. It is generally better to withdraw larger amounts of money less often than smaller amounts more frequently.

Bank account
Ensure you have enough money on your account. You may have a limited access to the Internet in a foreign country and transferring money by e-banking may be somehow troublesome.

Bank contact info
Note down your bank’s telephone number. In case you lose your card, the number will come in very handy!

Consular help
You can obtain consular help if you’re facing financial difficulties abroad. In case of theft, you need to report it to the local police and only then can the consul act on your behalf. If you travel to a country where there is no Irish embassy, you may contact the consulate from another EU country.

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