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Touring the Great Lakes

Touring the Great Lakes - Car Hire in Toronto

The Great Lakes are a fabulous holiday option, too often overlooked in favor of more flashy options in North America. Pick up a car hire in Toronto and you can easily get started with Lake Ontario.

Touring the Great Lakes - Car Hire in Canada

There are several scenic routes around the lakes, guiding travelers through the roads which will provide the most awe-inducing experience, bound to prove that lakes are more than overblown bathtubs: wet and largely uninteresting unless one happens to be submerged in one surrounded by bubbles and with a rubber duck for company.

Now I wouldn’t advise you to try to do the full Great Lakes Circle Tour, since the tour is over 6,500 long, but you can easily tour a few of the lakes with your Canada car hire and then take the chance to hop on a ferry and visit some of the islands.

Isle Royale in Lake Superior, Kelleys Island in Lake Erie and Manitoulin Island in Lake Ontario are great options. Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world and is home to the largest lake on a freshwater island: Lake Manitou!

You can choose to stay in hotels during your trip, but that would be missing the opportunity to be in total contact with nature, as a journey of this kind seems to make mandatory. There are several great spots for camping along the way, so make sure to pack a tent!

Touring the Great Lakes - Car Hire in Michigan

Besides sightseeing, other activities you’ll be able to engage in during your trip include, among others, canoeing, hiking, scuba diving and birdwatching!

Any particular tips for a tour of the Lakes you wish to share, or any funny stories? 🙂 Tell us all in the comments!

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