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Top 5 ……Thailand

Car Hire Thailand with Auto EuropeThailand is a holiday destination chosen by many. It’s a perfect spot for a honeymoon, family holiday or holidaying with friends.

Whichever type of holiday you are on here are our top five choices of things not to be missed:

  1. Bangkok – A great city to start your holiday. The smells of the city street’s are alluring and you can sample the local cuisine and culture. At night you will have no problem finding a bar or club to dance the night away in
  2. Phi Phi Island – Made famous by the film ‘The Beach’. Jump on a boat tour and you can enjoy the ocean ride to this lovely island and get to swim in the warm waters.
  3. Elephant Ride – Visit a reputable Elephant Park where you can watch them feeding and bathing before you enjoy a ride through the tree’s elephant style!
  4. Beaches – Thailand is full of beautiful, tropical beaches. You can choose from secluded hidden locations to busy tourist packed beaches. There really are too many to mention but trust us when we say no trip is complete with a day on the sands.
  5. Chiang Mai – A city that holds lots of Thai festivals and has amazing temple’s. You can even have a go at white water rafting! For those not so adventurous take a longtail boat ride along Mae Pring River.

Just some quick tip’s for your holiday. It’s best to book your car hire in Bangkok for when you are due to leave the city as the roads do get very busy! If you visit a busy tourist resort then you will have shop owners who will try and get you to come inside their shop – do take a quick look, you may grab yourself a bargain.

Have you been to Thailand – what was your best bit?

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