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Top 5…In Barcelona

Sagrada FamiliaBarcelona enjoys a privileged location between the stunning coastline of the Mediterranean and the lush green hills of Montjuic. It is a city bursting with historical buildings and museums, beaches and excellent nightlife. We take a look at the top 5 attractions in Barcelona:

Sagrada Familia
A massive temple designed by the master architect Gaudi who devoted the last 15 years of his life to the construction of this magnificent building. It has been under construction since 1882 and is not expected to be finished until at least 2026. Gaudi is buried within the crypt.

Park Guell
This garden complex was part of an unsuccessful commercial housing site, where Gaudi bought the one and only house that was built here in 1906. The park contains stunning stone structures with fascinating tiling and interesting buildings. At the top of the park is a terrace where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city.

La Pedrera – Casa Mila
This is another Gaudi creation. The construction used to be called Casa Mila but it is now more commenly known as La Pedrera which means “quarry”. Gaudi was determined to complete this building and his distinctive wavy brick work and vibrant tiles are also evident on this masterpiece.

Poble Espanyol de Montjuic
A charming village with different quarters that reproduce the style of houses and architecture from different parts of Spain. Its well known for its specialist craft shops and workshops where you can see some traditionally made Spanish goods.

Picasso Museum
The museum has classified Picasso’s paintings in chronological order from his early days to his final works so that you can get a deep perception into the development of Picasso thinking over time. It also shows how he developed the distinctive designs that he is famous for today.

With a car hire in Barcelona you could explore other attractions in the surroundings. You can drive to Gerona, a charming medieval town nestled between the mountains and the sea. Or visit the famous seaside of Salou with excellent sandy beaches, a great place to relax!

Do you have a list of your own? What are your top attractions when visiting Barcelona?

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