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The Canaries’ Sunshine is calling

Sunny Promenade in Spain - Car hire with Auto Europe

I’m not usually attracted to sunshine. See, I’m almost transparent, lots of birthmarks and tend to lobster up – as in, get ridiculously red almost instantly – when I catch those rays. But I’ve had it with the nasty weather, we had a long winter and for once I actually miss the Sun.

I don’t like to leave things out to luck, it’s been a long time since I last found a four leaf clover and rain and thunderstorm tend to follow me around, like I have a personal black cloud of a stalker. I’m going to hire a car in Gran Canaria.

Beautiful tropical beach in Tenerife - Car hire with Auto Europe

More of a green landscapes lover and happy dweller in cooler temperatures, I’m set on holidaying somewhere where the Sun will surely shine this time. I want to sit by the ocean, book in hand and fall asleep to the waves crashing against the Tenerife shores. After I anoint myself with some 50 factor sunscreen, that is.

Also located off the coast of Africa, there’s an island I have particular interest in. I’m a literature buff, if you still haven’t noticed by the fact my idyllic naps by the sea include a bit of reading before. I intend on driving a car hire in Lanzarote, home to Nobel Prize winner José Saramago and find out what was about that island that could inspire a writer such as he was.

Magnificent beach in Lanzarote - Car hire with Auto Europe

I always need recommendations for new destinations to try out… So, what you waiting for? Leave me a note on the comment box and I’ll surely reply!

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