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The Beaches of France

The Beaches of France - Car hire in France with Auto Europe

France is a perfect holiday destination for us Brits. We can get there extremely quickly by plane, or opt to drive and catch the ferry across! With a matter of hours we can be journeying through a land that is blessed with sunshine and beautiful surroundings!

France is well known for its astounding vineyards that produce some of the world’s best wines; but what we get really excited about are the beaches! Here’s our pick of France’s beaches that are slightly off the normal tourist track!

The Beaches of France - Car hire in Marseille with Auto Europe

Cassis Beach
This lovely beach can be easily accessed with a Car hire in Marseille. The journey will take around 30 minutes from the busy city. The beach is not large in size, yet it never seems as crowded as the neigh-bouring beaches of the French Riviera. It also has large cliffs on both sides that shelter you from any ocean winds.

Quiberon Beach
You will find this fantastic beach located along the Brittany coastline. The wide sandy beaches here are great for sunbathing and swimming, especially in the warm summer months. The area around the beach really does cater to tourists: it has crepe stands, boutique shops and candy stores!

The Beaches of France - Car hire in Bordeaux with Auto Europe

Arcachon Beach
Now this little gem is only a short drive in your Car hire in Bordeaux. The coastline here is called “The Silver Coast” and is a popular choice for the locals who wish to escape the busy cities and for tourists who are looking for sheer beach indulgence! The sands are pure white and the ocean waters are a deep blue, plus the resort itself has some of the region’s best seafood restaurants!

We hope that we have given you a few ideas on where to visit in France and if you have any beach suggestions, be sure to send them our way!

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