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Summer time in Finland

Finland, the Country of the Thousand Lakes - Car hire in Finland with Auto Europe
Finland is the Country of the Thousand Lakes. Me likey

Not all people are of my persuasion that the Sun should not sear, char or scorch; nor do most of them share my tolerance to cold weather. But as I had mentioned before, I am getting eager to indulge in a few non cloudy outdoor events this Summer.

So, let’s see: sunny yet not scorching hot; outdoor events and civilised people; beauty and the least… worries – which means not having to conform to being driven around and choosing where I want to go, when I want to go. My choice is made, I know the destination and the way of traveling: car hire in Finland!

Suvilahti Power Plant, Helsinki's first plant which was converted to hold cultural events - Car hire in Helsinki with Auto Europe
What’s a power plant doing in my post? It’s been converted to hold cultural events. Doesn’t make it prettier.

Helsinki hosts an annual Festival and I already see myself stomping around with my usual refined grace in the urban rhythm Flow festival, which is part of it and usually has groups of young people partying and dancing around in the Suvilahti Power Plant. The plant, Helsinki’s first, has since been deactivated and especially converted to hold cultural events.

Tampere Lakes - Car hire in Finland with Auto Europe
Tampere, an alluring lakeside city which I intend to visit

But Finland is not only about the capital, and it’s not by chance that it’s called the Country of the Thousand Lakes. To get absolutely mesmerised by the stunning looks of not one, but two lakes in confluence, I will drive the car hire to Tampere. I might have get the courage to take a dip somewhere, does anyone know a good place with water that’s not absolutely freezing in Finland? Please, pretty please let me know! Before August comes, would be great!

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