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Shopping and Sunbathing in Cyprus

Relax in Cyprus with a car hire from Auto Europe

Summer season is off to a start and all I can do for now is daydream about it! Quite unfair, I’d say. With the bouts of sunshine that escape from time to time, one can’t help but wonder where to spend one’s precious Summer holidays. As far as bargain destinations go, Cyprus comes as a good compromise between Spain and Greece, if you’re after the sun-bathing, relax-indulging features!

Although an island, it is big enough to let you enjoy a self-driven holiday: hiring a car in Cyprus is then a great starting point when you wish to explore this insular country at your own pace.

Enjoy Paphos with a car hire from Auto Europe

After you land, collecting your car hire at Paphos airport grounds assures you are all set to begin making the most of your trip. There are, of course, plenty of beaches by the southern coast awaiting that you lavish on them but around town there are also great places you can consider for a few local souvenirs.

By the Kato Paphos harbour there is a wide variety of handicrafts, ideal to please the tourists’ eye and budget while bringing along a piece of Cyprus art with you; genuine leather bags and pottery items make great buys!

Travel around Larnaca with a car hire from Auto Europe

Travelling further north along the coast, head in your cheap car hire to Larnaca, the oldest city in the country but not necessarily forgotten in time. Over the years, it has strongly developed its touristic appeal with a promenade that makes for quite a pleasing walk in the hot evenings and as a social hub during music festival season!

Apart from the turquoise-sea beaches that will surely captivate you, the Larnaca Marina is also a sight not to miss; you can admire the sophisticated yachts while strolling along the dock and who knows, maybe some day you’ll be the one at the helm, perhaps? It is easy to let your dreams reach great heights when on vacation!

That’s what happens when booking a car hire service from Auto Europe, you get more time to enjoy and less time spent on worries. So, keep us in mind, whether you’re considering Cyprus or any other location around the world – Auto Europe has the pleasure of helping you get there!

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