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Romantic weekend for Valentine’s

Surprise your spouse or partner with a really nice, romantic weekend. Fly off to the romantic mekka of Paris or find your own favorite spot
in Rome. If you don’t wish to travel that long a mini-weekend in London is always appreciated. Shop ’til you drop or enjoy a classic afternoon-tea
in the buzzy UK capital. With car hire in the UK you can make a trip out in the countryside and visit a relaxing wellness spa or a quint little village.


Valentine's Day car hire trip

Here are some really great inspiration for surprising your loved one:

-On Valentine’s Day, give your partner the traditional rose bouquet and a card. On the weekend after give the impression that you are going to visit some
friends or relatives. At the airport you will reveal the truth that you are going on a totally different trip.

-Meet up with your partner at his/her work. Prepare yourself by packing all suitcases, passports and all other important things and bring them with you. Also talk with your partners boss before to ensure that it is ok to take a day or two off. Don’t let your partner in on your secret. Once the working day is done
it is time for the big surprise. Since everything is ready you can go directly to the airport!

Auto Europe hopes that all of you will have a really nice Valentine’s Day!

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