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Overcoming fear of flying

Fear of flying may seem quite irrational given that other accidents happen more often than airplane crashes. Nevertheless, many people suffer form this phobia. Even though potentially we are in a greater danger while driving to the airport by taxi than when on the plane, one in three people has the fear of flying, and one in ten panics over the thought of flying.

What if you are paralysed by fear when you are going to travel by plane? The closer the flight, the more the fear grows. Still, you are happy for the approaching holiday and the few days off work, you pack your luggage and prepare for the journey. When you arrive at the airport, you begin to perspire, your muscles tense, you have an irregular breath and your hands shake. In order to relax, you visit a duty free and buy yourself some alcohol or take an anti-anxiety pill. Some people take medicine already at home, before leaving to the airport. Doctors warn of mixing alcohol and medicine that can lead into a serious conscious disturbances. It is also better to try out the anti-anxiety medicine at home, than doing an experiment up in the air.

While sedative effect of medicine lasts for a while, the fear of flying stays. You can fight your problem by behavioral therapy. Choosing the correct therapy is a key to a successful treatment as your phobia my originate from various grounds: a strong need to control the situation, claustrophobia or fear of heights.

Understanding the physics of flying and knowing what happens during the flight calms down most of the people and make them feel safe. Some European airlines and airports offer training to overcome the fear of flying. It includes therapeutic sessions, visits to the airports, boarding the plane and short flights. There are also some computer programmes with demo flights available. The easiest way, probably, is to listen to your favourite music during the flight. Music evokes opposite emotions to fear, sometimes, even euphoric effects can be observed. While listening to music, your brain will not surrender to anxiety so easily.

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