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One way car hire

One way rentals

During a longer holiday you can see more and travel all around the place by hired car. Make use of one way rentals and enjoy your holiday with even more freedom.

Holiday is fun and let it stay that way. We try to make it easy when it comes to your holiday preparations. An easy online booking process ensures a hassle free reservation. Our toll free number line is open 7 days a week, if you have some queries – and we know you might have some, especially, if you are going to book a one way car hire.

One way car hire, how does that work?

A one way rental is serviced by one supplier that has its offices in the desired pick up and drop of locations. That particular supplier may apply an additional drop off fee and require a minimum number of rental days to allow a one way. You think of a pick up and drop off city, we find you a supplier. Please do not hesitate and call us, we will make you a tailored car hire offer.

Why is the drop off fee not included in the rental rate?

Drop off fees are to be paid locally to the rental companies, therefore we do not include it in your booking rate.

Where are the one ways free of charge?


The most popular free one ways are the ones between Arizona, Nevada and California. Most of our suppliers in these states do not charge a drop off fee if your rental starts and ends in these three states.

Florida one ways are also quite popular. Pick up a car in Miami and return it in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale or Tampa for free.


Some suppliers offer free one way rentals if you book the vehicle for a minimum of 3 days.

For more free one way rentals – call us 🙂

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