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My flight was delayed!

My flight is delayed!

Although groundhog Punxsutawney Phil foresaw the soon end of winter, it doesn’t even seem to get milder and keeps causing more chaos in the cities and airports. W receive many calls from you saying your flights have been delayed or cancelled. What to do when that happens?

Before you start your journey

It is very important to provide your flight number on your car hire booking.

When your flight is delayed

Call the rental company and advise on your new arrival time. If the supplier is willing to wait the few hours with the car for you, the problem is solved. Depending on your destination, there are different business practices. In Italy for instance, suppliers may give away your car to another customer already after two hours, if you do not show up or call. In the USA, on the other hand, some suppliers will wait even one day for you. When the supplier will not wait, or not honour your voucher with the past pick up time, you will have to rebook your car hire. This is when you should call Auto Europe. We will rebook your car hire for another time. The same applies to the situation when your flight is cancelled and you will arrive at a later time. Unfortunately, in both cases, you will need to pay the price of the day you change the booking.

When your flight is canceled

When your flight is cancelled and you would like to cancel your car hire as well, please call us. It is not enough to advise rental company about the cancellation. If you cancel the same day as your pick up, there will be only a 3 days cancellation fee applied. If you advice us any day after, there will be unfortunately no refund for your rental. Should your flight be cancelled due to officially acknowledged Force Majeure, there will be the 30 Euro administration fee applied.

When you arrive

When you happily arrive at your destination and pick up your car hire, please be aware of local weather conditions. Nowadays, the southern and central Europe, like Germany, Switzerland or Austria, is experiencing severe snowfalls. Be careful while driving and adjust your speed to the conditions on the road.

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