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Most Expensive and Cheapest Cities in the World

The Economist has recently published their “Worldwide cost of living index 2013”, which is a research about the living expenses in cities worldwide.

Last year Zürich was the most expensive city, but this year that position has been taken by Tokyo in Japan. The calculations are based on more than 160 prices for clothing, food, telephone, transport, etc.

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Most Expensive Cities

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Osaka, Japan
3. Sydney, Australia
4. Oslo, Norway
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Singapore, Republic of Singapore
7. Zürich, Switzerland
8. Paris, France
9. Caracas, Venezuela
10. Geneva, Switzerland

Cheapest Cities in the World

1. Karachi, Pakistan
2. Mumbai, India
3. Delhi, India
4. Katmandu, Nepal
5. Algier, Algeria
6. Bucharest, Romania
7. Colombo, Sri Lanka
8. Panama City, Panama
9. Jiddah, Saudi-Arabia
10. Teheran, Iran

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