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Loch Duich

Lochs and Lakes

Lakes have some kind of mystery in them; they are not as vast as the sea, but yet they convey some kind of individualism, a secret maybe, and make an impression of something splendid. Is it the sight of the other bank that makes us curious to find out what is on the other side? There are many beautiful lakes in Europe where you can travel and experience the unique scenery and atmosphere.

Loch Duich, Scotland 

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Duich is the perfect place for a weekend break. Fly to Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness, hire a car and set off to a magical trip. There is always a legend connected to Scottish lochs; they are like a promise of mystery that awaits you there. Eilan Donan Castle stands on a small island where two lakes meet – Loch Duich and Loch Alsh – and is only two bridges away from the Isle of Skye. Here you can experience the beauty of the Highlands learn the history of the Scottish clans.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled

Thanks to its close proximity to Ljubljana, Lake Bled is a convenient destination for tourists arriving at the Slovenian capital. Surrounded by forests and the Alps, Lake Bled offers visitors a picturesque landscape. Things to see: Bled Island, which is home to a 15th century church, as well as to the medieval Bled Castle, situated on a cliff overlooking the lake. A restaurant and a museum are located within the castle’s walls for those who would like learn about its history or have a romantic dinner while enjoying a spectacular view.


Como Lake, Italy

Lake Como

One of the most beautiful and popular lakes in Europe, Lake Como is known for attracting the rich of this world to settle their residences in there. It is not only the beauty of nature, but also the architecture, the culture, and the Italian cuisine which make it all a perfect combination of a ‘heaven on earth’ place. Mediterranean climate enables subtropical plants to grow there throughout the year. Some of the villas around the shores of Lake Como have been turned into museums, where one can admire the stunning gardens and architecture. How to get there: the best way is to fly to Milan and hire a car at the airport.

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