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Is there no end to California’s talent?

Is there no end to California’s talent?

Think USA, think wine and what do you get: California! Not only does the Golden State have miles and miles of gorgeous coastline, perfect for anyone who loves the surf and sea, this versatile landscape is home to the USA’s finest vineyards.

Wine history shows that the wine ‘buff’s did not exactly welcome America into the wine making trade with open arms. It was not until the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 that the USA was taken seriously for being a wine producer. A panel of French wine experts judged a wine tasting competition blindfolded; with the result being a California wine winning over the French wines!

Is there no end to California’s talent?

California has four different wine regions spread across the state and by hiring a car in California you can easily travel to the best of them. Napa County is probably the most famous region in the USA, take a stroll down any supermarket wine aisle and you will see a number of wines that were grown in Napa Valley. The area also caters for tourist with a large number of accommodation choices, all of them offering amazing views of the vineyard countryside that surrounds them.

Drive your USA car hire south and you can enjoy wine tasting in LA! San Antonio is the only operating winery to be found in the city, owed by fourth generation Rabolii family and well worth a visit, however the city has many fantastic places where you can join in and taste some of the finest wines around!

Our last recommendation would be to drive down to Santa Barbara. There are plenty of great wineries to choose from and with plenty of fantastic lodgings it will be easy to find a place to park your car for the day whilst you go off and enjoy the scenic countryside of California.

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