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Inspired by movies. Not only set-jetting.

Film images capture our imagination and don’t let go. Stored in our memory, dreamlike places can come true… if we travel.

New Zealand

For those who would like to travel far, far away from home, New Zealand is the place. Both Islands offer breathtaking landscapes. Hopping form one island to the other is easy with Auto Europe car hire. Ferry travel is a treat in itself. You could seat on the top deck an enjoy the views. Bautifully located on Lake Wakatipu, small city Queenstown on the South Island offers Tolkien fans outdoor activities. You can take a scenic helicopter flight over Amon Hen. The impressive mountains can also be entered by water during a kayak trip. A horse ride through Lothlorien will take to the elf wood. The Queenstown neighbourhood captured in The Lord of the Rings film is the Middle-earth open for you to explore.


Arizona, Califonia and Nevada

Pictures and music leave a footprint in our heads. Like scents, music recalls images. Hire a car in Arizona and drive with a Goran Bregovic soundtrack to the Emir Kusturica film Arizona Dream. With Auto Europe there are free one ways between Arizona, California and Nevada. Drive and enjoy the moving picture outside your vehicle. Drive where your eyes take you, or your imagination. Go up to Los Angeles Hills to Mullholland Drive from Lynch’s film. Travel to the city on a desert and watch Casino in real.

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