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I want to be a part of it…. New York, New York!


 I want to be a part of it…. New York, New York!-Car Hire USA

From Frank Sinatra right through to Jay Z and Alicia Keys, why is New York one of the most wrote about cities in music and film? I confess I too am dazzled by the bright lights of the Big Apple and New York is a city in my top 5 places to visit.

As I hail from a small town, close the countryside edge, I would not even think about trying to drive a USA hire car in New York city center. My plan would be see the city on foot, or by one of those famous yellow cabs and then pick up a vehicle at JFK and head for the surrounding areas.

 I want to be a part of it…. New York, New York!- Car Hire New York

Top of my tourist list is the Statue of Liberty; given to the USA as a gift from France this beautiful lady represents freedom for the immigrants that came to America after war. The Rockefeller center is where I can stock up on my souvenirs, one item I absolutely must purchase before coming back to the grey skies of the UK is a I love NY t-shirt!
Being a teenager of the 90’s one of my favorite TV show’s was ‘Friends’ and even though the coffee shop wasn’t actually anywhere near Central Park; in fact the show was filmed in Los Angeles, I will be spending a day in the city center park and intend on just sitting there watching the world jog by me. Another famous landmark of NYC is the Empire State Building; the view from the top must be amazing!

 I want to be a part of it…. New York, New York!- Car Hire Manhattan

Once I have explored the tourist hotspots of the city center I will collect my New York hire car and head for the highway. Albany is a place I have always wanted to visit, from the pictures I have seen, the city looks to be like a beautiful green haven. There are also quite a few wineries here!

If we have the time I would like to stop by the town of Sleepy Hollow; it has some great historic sites and it would be a perfect place to rest for a few days, before heading back to JFK Airport, handing back our USA car hire and hopping on the plane back home!

Do you have any suggestions on places I can visit along the way?

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