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Holiday family fun with a motorhome in Florida

Motorhome fun in Florida - Motorhome Car Hire in Florida

From time to time, I gather my energy to fuel an uncanny ability to sustain high levels of patience and tolerance towards family while travelling. A few years back I did just that: got my parents to agree on holiday dates with me – an event worthy of celebration on its own.

Oh, they knew too well that I had prepared something special, and they even relished the idea of having someone taking care of the all plans and schedules for them. They had no idea, though, that I had booked a motorhome car hire in the USA.

Imagine my father’s surprise when he found out he wouldn’t be the one driving… Used to taking the family around whenever it was time to drive, this time he had to take another seat: co-pilot, in charge of making sure the GPS – which was included in the car hire in Orlando which we had picked up – wasn’t driving us to dead-end streets or long lost highways.

As soon as I brushed aside the fears stemming from watching too many David Lynch movies, we hit the road, like they so proudly say in the States. And great roads they have! Florida has lots of undiscovered beauty and as I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not one to settle on going on holidays to the same places everyone else goes to.

Florida Dunes - Motorhome car hire in the USA

Thinking of driving a car hire in Miami, outside the city, the Everglades are an obvious reference, right? But I’m not too fond of the snappy critters that inhabit those waters. Well, I like watching them from a distance, they’re impressive beasts. But it’s not the ideal place to take my parents on a motorhome, sleep over there, now is it?

Oh, but you know what? Florida’s 1200 miles of coastline make it the perfect destination if you want to take a different approach to your holidays in the US. The grand master plan I had was actually very simple: they needed to relax, so instead of waking up at the same place every single day, in a crowded hotel or resort, they would be waking up by a different, new, gorgeous white sandy beach every day. And let me tell you, they absolutely loved it. I offered to cook every day, too, so we truly enjoyed the wild adventurous life out there.

South Beach - Motorhome car hire with Auto Europe

That’s the biggest advantage of driving one of those camper vans: you drive your temporary home around, so you can stay nearer to those beautiful places you discover, free to enjoy it completely instead of having to hope the hotel has a good view, is in a good location. As is obvious, it also makes for a very light budget option and support facilities and conditions for motorhomes are generally very good in the US.

So, if you’re thinking about a different holiday this year, eager to discover and embrace the true, unfiltered USA, don’t think twice about booking a motorhome for your family!

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