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Kite boarding at Sunshine Coast

A Guide to the Sunshine Coast for Thrill-Seekers

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If normal travel bores you and you’re constantly seeking thrills everywhere, why not focus on adventures? How about some hair-raising activities on the Sunshine Coast? Why not try skydiving or white water rafting? Yes?

Fly A Helicopter
Flying a plane is definitely exciting but flying a helicopter is a different deal! For one thing, you’ll be much closer to the earth, able to see every inch of the landscape. Sign up for a trial introductory helicopter training at Caloundra Airport. Learn to fly a powerful Robinson R22 dual control helicopter. There’s nothing like it!

Night-time Skydiving
When you jump out of the plane at 14,000 feet, you’ll have your heart in your mouth! That’s only till you experience the sheer weightlessness of the amazing 60-second free-fall. Then you’ll catch enchanting glimpses of the deep blue waters and white sands of Caloundra beach. And all of this at night, in brilliant starlight, when everything shines with a fairy glimmer.

Power Jet SkiingJet skiing
Have you experienced a powerful ocean jet skiing run yet? You simply must. You’ll feel weightless but very much in control while being absolutely at the ocean’s mercy. Watch the amazing Sunshine Coast scenery flash by as the cool water spray drenches you. You will never want to stop.

Sea-Kayaking, Here We Come
It’ll be just you and your guide, in a tiny two-seater kayak, on the wild oceans. Navigate your kayak through ocean backwaters via Noosa National Park’s lush forests. Kayak to Laguna Bay and explore its amazing marine life and exotic ancient lava rock formations. Kayak right next to dolphins, seals and turtles! You can even feed them tidbits as you pass by.

Say-yes-to-danger And Dive With SharksDiving with sharks
You’re not a certified diver? No problem. You can still dive with sharks through at Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast. Interact with some of the most dangerous prehistoric creatures in their natural habitat. You’ll be within inches of tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, and sleek whaler sharks. Buckle up!

Become A Pilot In Under An Hour
The ultimate adventure – flying! Never learnt how to fly but want to master the skies? Learn to fly at Caboolture, in a 60-minute pilot training. Watch a pilot training HD video, sit through a demo flight and then take the controls of your Light Sport Texan or Flight Design aircraft. Just fly.

Get Your Teeth Into Kite Boarding
Surfing’s old school – it’s all about kite boarding now! Australia’s coolest new water sport. Learn to kite board in a 2-hour introductory course at Cotton Tree or Caloundra. Once your two-hour introductory lesson is over, you can just strap your kite board on and hit those high waves. You’ll be using the very latest gear on the market, including the latest communication technology and safety helmets.

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