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Go Skiing in Germany

March and April are perfect months to enjoy skiing in Germany. Pick up your rental car in Munich, make sure you rent a roomy car so that you can fit all your things. Head to the perfect ski resort or try out a few different kinds. Here is a list of ski resorts in the south of Germany.

Family skiing

Ski resort Silberberg – Family ski fun

Blue slopes 2km red slopes 2km
1 chairlift, 1 carpet lift
2 ski lodges
Day pass adults € 14,-
Day pass children € 11,-

Ski town of Mitterdorf – Ideal for families

Blue slopes 1km red slopes 4km black slopes 1km
5 ski tows, 1 chair lift, 2 carpet lifts
4 ski lodges
Day pass adults € 20,-
Day pass children € 14,-

Ski area Spitzingsee – Near Schliersee

Blue slopes 10km red slopes 10km black slopes 5km
12 ski tows, 3 chair lifts, 1 gondol lift 1 special child ski lift
16 ski lodges/cabins
2 After Ski Bars
Day ski pass adults € 31,-
Day pass children € 15,-

Skiing in Zugspitze Garmisch – Germanys glacier

Blue slopes 3km, red slopes 19km
8 ski tows, 1 chair lift, 2 Gondol lifts, 1 funicular
4 ski lodges
Day ski pass adults € 39,-
Day pass children € 21,50

Ski resort Grasgehren – Snow guarantee December – April

Blue slopes 6,5km, red slopes 4,5km
4 Ski tows, 1 chair lift, 1 special child ski lift
1 ski lodge
1 After Ski Bar
Day ski pass adults € 22,-
Day pass children € 14,-

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