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Car hire Rio de Janeiro

Get ready to Samba

Car rental Rio de JaneiroIn a few days time, the streets of Rio de Janeiro will be filled with bright coloured feathers, dance and samba.

Currently the different samba schools are working hard to get costumes and the big carnival fleets ready for the biggest carnival in the world, which takes place from the 8-12 of February 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Every samba school use a specific theme for their decorations and this year, “Unidos da Tijuca” will honor the German culture, while the faritale theme of “Beija Flor” lets them work with golden carriages and golden horses, but also fantasy creatures, like the large green men.

What it will all look or sound like will be revealed during the actually competition and it will be interesting to see if another samba school can beat the reigning champions, “Unidos da Tijuca”.

Join the 2 million people that join the streets of the Rio Carnival per day and get an experience of a lifetime.

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