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Car hire on your ski holiday

Free Apps for your Ski Holiday

Your cell phone can be a good companion on your skiing holiday, if you equip it with the right apps. We’ve found five great apps that are all free and give you inspiration for a little more fun on the slopes, whether you are in Italy, France, or Germany.

Ski Club Snow Reports
Whether the snow is thigh-high, ankle-deep or there is no snow at all, it is always a good to be prepared for your ski holiday. With the Ski Club Snow Reports app, you can check the snow situation in all the big ski resorts and give you information about the status of the slopes and lifts.

If you are planning a ski trip somewhere in North America, the Realski app is a fantastic tool for your planning. It gives you information about the chairlift, lodges, slopes, restaurants and restrooms.

Car hire worldwideMammut Safety
No one should go on a ski holiday without the proper safety equipment and this SOS app is exactly that. It gives information about avalanches and has an emergency tracker that will send your co-ordinates to the local emergency services when needed. Download this app now and feel safe on the slopes.

Ski forecast
Whether you are going to St. Anton, Val d’Isère or Aspen, the forecast app provides you with current weather reports. See for example the weather for the next 48 hours to plan your next days and find information about the quality of the snow on the slopes.

This app gives you a map of the slopes in more than 700 ski areas spread across the world from Japan to Austria to Canadag. The colours and numbers of the slopes make it easy to navigate your way around both on and off-piste.

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  1. Janay says:

    These are beautiful and great to give to anyone. I find that the people who don't do camriakdng don't really see the little details in the fancy cards I make and so I usually simplify my cards down a bit for them saving me time and heartache if they are thrown away. 🙂 –Gail

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