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Fight off the post-holiday blues

When on Earth are we ready for a harsh reality check once we’re back from holidays? Mundane activities, work routine, and daily commute were once easily forgotten only to jump out like monsters under the bed at night. And if you catch yourself daydreaming at your work desk, dreading to dive into the inbox brimming with emails and appointments, or if you’re feeling down for simply not being surrounded by the big blue anymore, that’s it, you’ve caught it. You’ve caught the post-holiday blues.

This is perfectly normal and happens to the bravest of us. Good news – it’s nothing serious. Good news #2 – it’s completely curable. Naturally, the best antidote would be another holiday in paradise, which is, however, only slightly likely in our world.
Let’s fast-forward to the second best remedy out there, or even several of these.

Don’t underestimate the value of the four natural and oftentimes free ways to stay healthy. Drink plenty of water to win the battle with jet lag and avoid too much coffee. Even if you’re not fighting jet lag, caffeine will be of little help as it leads to dehydration. Keep hydrated and opt for water only or freshly squeezed juice rather than alcoholic beverages.

Sleep is a fantastic way to boost your energy levels. Once you’re well rested, everything is easier to handle. And, who knows, you may get to dream about your holiday.
Make sure you spend some time outdoors walking, cycling or doing anything that suits you. Fresh air and increased happiness hormones after sport in the open air can do wonders!
Relax with light yoga, herbal teas, a good book, and your favourite TV shows. Sign up for new hobby or a language course.

And the last but not the least… Start planning the next getaway!

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