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Employees at Iberia strike Monday – Friday

Employees of the Spanish airline, Iberia has begun a five-day strike that will cancel hundreds of flights and affect thousands of passengers worldwide.

Pilots, stewards, stewardesses and the baggage crew have stopped their work in protest to Iberia’s plans to lay off 3,800 employees and cut wages.

The five-day strike from Monday to Friday is the first of three extended periods in February and March, where staff have planned to stop their work.

Iberia has already canceled 415 flights during the week, but up to 1200 aircrafts from different airlines can be forced to stay on the ground, as they may be affected by the lack of employees due to the labour strike in the Spanish airports such as Barcelona and Madrid.

70,000 people are affected by the strike; several passengers have already been rerouted to other departures, while others have been offered a new trip or to get their money back.

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