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Driving tips for your Spain car hire

 Driving tips for your Spain car hire - Car hire in Spain with Auto Europe

Choosing a car hire Spain holiday has so many advantages! You can get out and explore, visit the places that you have always wanted to see and spend as little, or as much time in those places. The world is a huge place that is just waiting to be discovered!

Now driving in a foreign country can be a task and it helps to be as prepared as you possible can be before you travel.  Here are a few tips to help you along with your holiday planning:

 Driving tips for your Spain car hire - Car hire in Malaga with Auto Europe

The Spanish speed limits are: city 31mph/50kph, open roads 55mph/90kph, motorway 74mph/120kmp.

Do be aware of your speed, especially if you are driving a hire car in Malaga, as just outside the city there are several speed radars .

When parking your hire car in a city watch out for the ‘Blue Zones’. Marked by the sign, ‘Zona Azul’, you may park for 2 hours. Parking discs for these zones are available at most hotels and town halls.

Always keep some Euros coins on you are you may come across tolls when driving along the motorways. In Spain the motorways are called the ‘autopistas’.

If you are travelling with children then you must check if a seat is required. For children that are aged up to 3 years a seat is mandatory, and children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front seat.

 Driving tips for your Spain car hire - Car hire in Barcelona with Auto Europe

Now this may be the most important tip off them all: hire a satellite navigation system (GPS), they are easy to use and help avoid any ‘falling out’ over whether to turn left or right!

Happy road trip!

Have you any tips or hints to share with us?

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