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Driving in Portugal

PassportGoing to Portugal on holiday this year and plan on renting a car? If so here is some useful information on road regulations and legal requirements for drivers in Portugal.

Most important, like the rest of Europe, in Portugal they drive on the right!

Seatbelts are compulsory in both the front and rear of the car. Child restraints are compulsory for all children under the age of 12 or less than 1.5m tall. Cars with no seatbelts in the rear cannot carry children under 3 years of age.

Don’t drink and drive! The laws in Portugal are very strict and the fines large.

Always carry your driving licence with you and keep all the relevant paper work for your rental in the car. If you are stopped by police and asked for either of these things you will get a 120 € fine if you can’t produce them. If you happen to violate a traffic law .i.e. speeding, on the spot fines are common and must be paid immediately.

Visibility vests are compulsory and must be carried in the car. It is also compulsory to carry a warning triangle.

It is illegal to carry spare fuel in cans.

Speed limits are Motorway 120 kpm (74 mph), open road 90 -100 kpm (55 – 62 mph) and in town 50 kph (31 mph).

Motorways in Portugal are toll roads and the cost will depend on the type of vehicle you are driving and how many kilometres you travel.

Have a great time and drive carefully!

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