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Discover the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium

BelgiumGhent is a lovely city in the Flemish region of Belgium. I went there a few years ago for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The mediveal architecture of the city and the canals make for a picturesque sight. Having said that St Bavo Cathedral is mostly Gothic built but is also a marvellous building. It houses the Ghent Alterpiece (The Adoration of the mystic Lamb), a large and complex polyptych panel painting, one of the world’s treasures. The Museum of Fine Art has some paintings by Rubens, but if you like your art a bit more modern the City Museum for Contempory Art has works by Andy Warhol.

There is a flea market by St Jacobs church every weekend (Friday to Sunday) in the mornings where you can pick up all sorts of curiosities. There are also some nice clothes shops in the main shopping area!

Of course, you can’t visit anywhere in Belgium without sampling the beer. With the weakest being something like 5% space APV caution is advised! It goes without saying that if you are going to partake of the wonderful brews then leave the car parked up! There is a small bar just on the canal that does over 200 different Genievre’s (gin shots) which are flavoured with everything from chilli’s to chocolate! Be warned the chilli one is lethal!!

Have you been to Ghent? Where are your favourite places to visit?

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