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Copycat cities and places

Some places on earth are simply too good to only exist in only one place. That is what the people behind these look-alike cities must be thinking.

In the US we are used to fake and copied architecture. In Las Vegas you can take a Venetian-feeling gondola ride on the artificial Gran Canal. The gondolier even sings in Italian… All this in the middle of the Nevada desert!

The Chinese wants to create their own little world and has recently copied an entire city! Several people have secretly been visiting the small Austrian city of Hallstatt to draw scetches of the houses and their interior. Despite of what the Austrians might feel the copycat city is almost completed by now. You can visit it near Huizhou 150 km north of Hong Kong.

Hallstatt Austria

In the Shanghai region in China a Scandinavian looking sub city has been built. It is called Luodian North Europe New Town and has many features from the Swedish town Sigtuna.

The same goes for Thames Town, also situated close to Shanghai. Here you can walk along English cobbled streets with houses in victorian style and pop in to an English pub or visit a church.

In the richest town in China (called Huaxi) a replica of the White House and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris as well as a copy of the Forbidden City has been built.

Dubai have a reputation of being a city with many skyscrapers and odd buildings. The business man Saeed Al Gandhi has taken an interest in the French city of Lyon and is currently building an exact copy of the Lyon latin quarters. All this is being constructed in the desert outside of Dubai!

Car hire Lyon

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