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Christmas markets in Germany

December is steadily moving closer and already the 25th of November, the traditional Christmas markets will open throughout Germany. If you haven’t experienced this immaculate concept, then Germany is well worth a visit between the 25th of November and Christmas eve on the 25th of November. A long weekend will allow you to not only get into Christmas spirit but with a rental car, you are able to experience all the sights away from the Christmas markets. As a little treat before Christmas, we would like to recommend our favourite Christmas markets in Germany.

The largest Christmas market in Germany takes place in Nuremberg. Set in a medieval setting, this unique market is 400 years old and continues to bring people to the event every year. At the market you will find stalls selling Christmas decorations and sweets, such as gingerbread, roasted almonds and a variety of Christmas cookies. This markets as something for everyone, so do not miss the chance to taste a cup of the popular winter drink, Glühwein.

If you are heading to Munich during the Advent season, be sure to visit the Christmas market on Marienplatz. The city’s main square hosts a market, which is located directly in front of the city town hall. This market also offers the typical German Christmas treats and is visited by tourists as well as locals.
Within the region of Bavaria, we also recommend the Christmas market in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The city is a hidden jewel full of medieval knights and the market is placed in one of the most picturesque region. Rent a car in Nuremberg and experience the Christmas spirit.

Other regions in Germany also offer Christmas markets and traditions. In Berlin, for example, there are many markets spread over the different regions. The largest market is found in the Spandau district and has over 250 wooden houses that sell items and sweets of all kinds. During the weekend, the market has up to 400 exhibitors and the market is filled with sweet aromas of cinnamon and chestnuts. Find a cheap car hire in Berlin and experience Germany’s capital, then travel to Hamburg where the bubbling city offers many Christmas events in the month of December.

Book a car hire in Germany and experience the Christmas spirit.

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