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Car hire check list

Before you go on holiday and pick up your car hire, check if you have the following documents which are required locally at a pick-up:

Driving license


This is something perhaps you could check before booking a car, especially if you are a young driver or have had your licence for not long. The majority of suppliers require minimum 1 year valid document, but there are also companies that set the minimum to 3 years. Some of the rental offices in the USA require the international driving licence. If you fail to meet these requirements, you won’t be able to pick up the vehicle. You can check what kind of a document you need in “Terms, Contitions & Local Fees” section on our booking engine.

Credit Card

While you can book car rental with whoever’s credit card on our website, upon arrival you will need the credit card in the name of the main driver. A security deposit will be blocked on that card at the pick-up. What if the driver doesn’t have the card in his name? Well, he will be denied the car or have to pay an extra insurance in the best case.
If you are thinking of hiring a luxury car, you might need to present 2 different major credit cards. Therefore, it is best to read the terms and conditions first before pressing the “booking” button.


Some rental companies, especially these located outside the European Union, like in the USA, require a valid passport at the pick-up. This information can always be looked up on the T&C of a given offer.

Check listVoucher

After submitting your booking and receiving the confirmation, please print out the voucher and present it at the rental desk. You may print it out through this link here or call us to have it emailed to you.

Last but not least

If you need to return the car fully tanked, preserve your most recent petrol station bill to provide it at the drop-off.

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