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A Weekend Escapade to Milan

A Weekend Escapade to Milan - Car Hire in Italy

If you had to pick one city and one city alone to visit in Italy, Milan would most probably not be it. For all its catwalks and haute coutoure shops, Milan is heartbreakingly soulless when compared to other main Italian cities. It has nothing of the easy grace of Florence, the historical importance of Rome or the picturesque sights of Venice.

A Weekend Escapade to Milan - Car Hire in Milan

For the most part, this is a modern, cosmopolitan city with little ambiance. But don’t let that put you off, for despite all that, there is still much to see in this busy city! After all, you don’t survive two world wars without having some spirit, and Milan has plenty of that!

Start off by picking up a car hire in Milan Airport. Much has been said about the daring nature of Italian drivers, but truth be told, they’re no worse than the drivers of most southern European countries, and far better than those of many countries in other parts of the world. Just use common sense, drive defensively and use your horn freely and you’ll be fine!

Start by visiting the charming Saint Mary of the Graces church, famous for housing Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting. It’s best to buy your ticket in advance, but if you’re lucky you might be able to get one on the spot. The Duomo of Milan is also a mandatory visit, being the single most impressive building in the city.

This stunning Gothic building is the largest cathedral in Italy and took no less than six centuries to finish! Wilde may have described it as “an awful failure”, as well as “monstrous and inartistic”, but Percy Shelley, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Mark Twain were of a different opinion, all of them offering lavish praise to this feat of architecture.

A Weekend Escapade to Milan - Car Hire in Rome

And if you want to try out the city’s nightlife, Corso Como is the place to be, being home to most of the hip clubs and trendy spots of the city! There’s plenty more to do with a car hire in Italy, but even if you stick to Milan, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of entertainment in this fantastic city! Any other spots you’d recommend?

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