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A Touch of Southern Sun

A Touch of Southern Sun - Car Hire in Portugal

So you have a few days off work coming up and you decide that it’s about time you took that little trip abroad you’ve been itching for. It’s the middle of October now, and the weather in the UK seems to be taking a definite turn for the worse. However, if the Internet is to be believed, the weather in southern Europe seems to be holding nicely and your significant other has been bugging you to go away somewhere together, so you think, why not?

It’s fairly off-season, Portugal is not as expensive as Spain even during high season – and the food is definitely better – and for a few days you can repress the knowledge that winter is, indeed, coming (see what I did there?). Picking up a car hire in Faro is the first step, because you’re a worldly individual who knows better than to depend on the whims of public transportation.

A Touch of Southern Sun - Car Hire Faro

Your car hire in Portugal will also allow you to get out of Faro as soon as you get behind the wheel. Faro has not much to recommend it; the old town has some nice architecture, but overall you’re better off using your time to explore the region. Lagos is a mandatory stop. Originally a fishing village, Lagos is a charming little town with traditional architecture and lovely beaches.

Now, you shouldn’t visit the Algarve almost in November on the premise that you’re in for a beach holiday. Southern European weather is generous but it’s just as vulnerable to the whims of changing seasons as its English counterpart. However, being prepared doesn’t hurt, and you may be in for a nice surprise!

A Touch of Southern Sun - Car Hire in Albufeira

Silves is also a fun stop, being home to a medieval Moorish castle and to the lovely Silves Cathedral. If you have time, you should also take the chance to visit Sagres Point, an important promontory during the Discoveries Age and home to a medieval fortress. The promontory has stunning views of the ocean and the fortress is well worth the visit!

Albufeira is very popular with British tourists during the summer for its amazing beaches, but you might want to bypass it this late in the season, since even in the best of times it’s little more than one big tourist trap. However, if you’re adamant about visiting the popular resort, Albufeira’s nightlife is one of the liveliest in the region.

Through it all, remember to take plenty of pictures to keep your Facebook friends extra jealous! First rule of the Internet: pic or it didn’t happen 😉

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